Study and build your Career in the world’s happiest & safest country 

We are the Finnish university authorized consultant firm, helping international students to apply in the Finnish university and university of applied sciences.

After graduation Finland grant students six months to four years resident permit to settle  themselves in Finland. 


Top 200 in the 2020 Impact ranking

Top 200 in the subject ranking in business and economics

LUT employment rate for graduates is 93%

LAB  are offered in the fields of Engineering, Business, Tourism and Hospitality, and Nursing.

No IELTS Required , If SAT, no entrance examination need.

8000€ Tution fee per academic year. 

Insurance Partner

Based in the Principality of Liechtenstein, is an European based and fully
digital insurance provider with the cross-border licence in all EU/EEA countries.


Top Programs

This programs are based on job is availability in the market. But it is true its hard to get these job. If you know Finnish language or you are very good at your subject and there no competitive person for your job. 

International career in mechanical engineering (LAB)

Business Information Technology (LAB)

Chemical Engineering and water Treatment (LUT)

Computational Engineering and Technical Physics (LUT)

Software Engineering and Digital Transformation (LUT)

Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing (LAB)

International Business and Entrepreneurship (LUT)

International Marketing Management (LUT)

Strategic Finance and Business Analytics (LUT)

Nuclear Engineering (LUT)

Master's Studies

  • 13500 Euro Each academic year.
  • 2 Years Study
  • Scholarship available from second year
  • IELTS 6.0
  • Rolling Admission is easy
  • Rolling admission discount 6000€
  • For Rolling admission GMAT or GRE is needed

Bachelor's Studies

  • No IELTS Required.
  • Entrance Examination needed.
  • 3.5 Years Study.
  • 8000 Euro each academic year.
  • LUT Bachelor's study cost 9000€
  • Scholarship available from second year.
  • SAT is best for admission.

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