Finland Facts

  • Finland is the safest country in the world.
  • Finland is ranked as world happiest country.
  • Finlnad’s education system is among the highest ranking in ones in the world.
  • Finland is the third best country for business in Europe
  • Finland is the third most gender equal country in the world
  • Finland air is the cleanest in the world (WHO)
  • Students lunch at the university EUR 1,80€-4,60€

Do you know?

 Finnish does not show off things. Here human are human, not poor people or rich people. Here its hard to find arrogant people. Here Middle of night if you walk alone, no one will bother you.

Settle in Finland

You can stay in Finland after complete your graduation. 

More info: www.migri.fi

How hard to stay Finland?

There is no complexity to stay in Finland. After your graduation you do not need a professional job to stay in Finland. You can apply for resident permit based on any job or profitabe business.

more info: www.migri.fi

Permanent Resident

After working four years in finland you can appy for permanent resident in Finland.

More info: www.migri.fi


Finland grant very easily cityzenship to its immigrante. If you stayed in Finland for 5 years you can apply fo Finnish citizenship.

More info: www.migri.fi

Things need for Citizenship

5 years living in Finland, while student every year will be count as half year. So if you live 4 years as a students then it will count as 2 years. 

Also you need to pass Finnish language  (YKI test)

Finnish Language

Peoples say Finnish language is hard.

Nothing is hard if you want to learn it. Almost every single Finn speak English. This one of the main reason immigrante dont speak very good finnish. To build your career you must learn finnish languae. It will helps you to get job in your professional field. Star learning Finnish language even before your arrive in Finland.

Work in Finland

Student s are allowed to work 25 hrs/week. During school closing time students can work as much as they wants.  Here below we will give details of few job description during your study time.

Cleaning job

Cleaning job is the most common job while studying. There is plenty of nationwide company and local company offering those job.

Few Cleaning company details

This all company offer office cleaning, home cleaning, hotel cleaning and more. They are located in nationwide.

SOL Cleaning: www.sol.fi

L&T Cleaning: www.lt.fi

ISS Cleaning: 


N-Clean: www.nclean.fi 

In your local area there will be local cleaning company, Please contact them. Also contact your local bar’s, shop, supermarket  and night club for the cleaning job.

Car Wheel

Other common job amongs students

Food delivery is also one common job secotors in Finland.

There is few company students can earn easily 1000€-1500€ month by working 100 hrs a months.

Food delevery: www.Wolt.com and www.foodora.fi 

Please bring your driving licenses while coming to Finland.



Almost every single job in Finland published in www.te-palvelut.fi web site. 

Planning to study in Finland

  1. Please try to get your driving licence. it will help you a lot.
  2. Check you financial statements.
  3. Check your dream subjects and requiremtns.
  4. Contact us.

Master's Studies, Estimation

  • Application fee/ File Opening Charge : 10,000 Taka
  • Tuition Fee: 7500€ - 17000€
  • Indian Visa: 824 Taka
  • VFS: 9500 Taka
  • Insurance: 197€
  • Embassy Fees: 350€
  • After Residence permit UniEdu Fees: 100,000 Taka

Bachelor's Studies. Estimation.

  • Application fee/ File Opening Charge : 10,000 Taka
  • Tuition Fee: 6500€ - 9000€
  • Indian Visa: 824 Taka
  • VFS: 9500 Taka
  • Insurance: 197€
  • Embassy Fees: 350€
  • After Residence permit UniEdu Fees: 100,000 Taka

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