Lappeenranta, an international university city and tourist destination, and a gateway between east and west

Lappeenranta a city of 72,000 residents, located in South-East Finland.


Located at the shore of lake Saimaa, Lappeenranta embraces its historical position between East and West. Lappeenranta is both a geographical and an academic gateway from the European Union to Russia. As it stands, the LUT University is only about 230 kilometres from the third largest metropolis in Europe – St. Petersburg – and an equal distance to Helsinki, capital of Finland.

Lahti info

Lahti is a city of approximately 120 000 residents. It is a city of beautiful nature, exciting sporting events, vibrant culture and excellent leisure time facilities. Located by the Lake Vesijärvi and close to the buzz of the capital city Helsinki it offers a stimulating and safe studying environment for both Finnish and international students


Lahti is located in the southern part of Finland and it is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. One hour drive from helsinki. It is known for its environmental expertise and for being a renowned design center. Lahti hosts a great variety of activities throughout the year, from cultural to world class sporting events.

Master's Studies

  • 13500 Euro Each academic year.
  • 2 Years Study
  • Scholarship available from second year
  • IELTS 6.0
  • Rolling Admission is easy
  • Rolling admission discount 6000€
  • For Rolling admission GMAT or GRE is needed

Bachelor's Studies

  • No IELTS Required.
  • Entrance Examination needed.
  • 3.5 Years Study.
  • 8000 Euro each academic year.
  • LUT Bachelor's study cost 9000€
  • Scholarship available from second year.
  • SAT is best for admission.

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