Prepare yourself to study in Finland.

Prepare yourself to study in Finland.

Preparations to study in Finland. Bachelor’s degree.

Often, we made mistakes while applying to Finland. In this blog, we will discuss what we need to do before we apply.

Please make your notes.
Documents to apply in Finland.
  • You already have your NID or Passport with you. If not, you need at least one of them.
  • Scan separately your Higher Secondary School certificate and transcript.
  • If you completed your diploma, please remember to scan all transcripts in one file and all certificates in one file.
  • You don’t need Secondary School Certificate but if you want, you can add them to the application.
  • If you have IELTS, It’s good. If you don’t have it, you can still apply without IELTS.
  • Your Email address is very important, make sure your email inbox is not full. You need space to get confirmation email.
  • Your Address: House, Road, Post Code, City, and Country Information

Check your educational documents

  1. Check your name on your educational certificate and match it with your passport name.
  2. Check your parents’ names on your ID and on your Certificates.
  3. Your bank name and your ID must match.

Get ready with your Sponsor

  • You should make it clear where your sponsor got the money to sponsor you.
  • Copy the documents. You don’t need their business documents, just take a few years tax certificates and his bank statements.
  • Sponsors can be anyone, but make it clear why he/she is your sponsor.

Your parents are your sponsors.

  1. We have found that 80% of students names and their parents names are not the same. So, if you have this problem, fix it.
  2. Where your parents got the money.
  3. Most of the time, your father gave money to your mother, so in that case, your father’s income documents are necessary.

If needed do not hesitate to contact us.